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Playing Electoral Chess

Dear North Carolina Voter-

We don’t like to brag, but when a City Council is as brilliant as we are we feel compelled to take a bow every now and then. It’s not often a mere seven people can get an entire state worked up over a non-issue via a campaign led by a convicted sex offender, but we pulled it off. (more…)


Making Sense of Business’ HB2 Objections

All of the principled stands businesses are suddenly taking over HB2 are actually based on sound business decisions. Trust me- I got this figured out.

Another HB2 Casualty

So now the North Carolina economy has taken another body blow over HB2. This time it’s film companies packing up and leaving. The Dirty Dancing folks are going to dance elsewhere. Rob Reiner announced he’ll never film another project in North Carolina again. (Of course, Meathead hasn’t made a decent movie since Harry and Sally got introduced, and he probably thinks Long Leaf Pine is a new strain of bud, but that’s beside the point.)

To understand just how big a calamity this is, you have to understand North Carolina’s deep ties to the film industry.


An Existential Threat

So a lot of people have been asking what’s up with the fight on I-77 tolls. If you’ve followed the news recently you know our cause has been put on hold because we are suddenly faced with an existential threat. Not since General Beauregard loosed his cannons on Ft Sumter has the South faced a more visceral concern. If we do not solve it immediately our colleges will go broke, our economy will shrivel and Lake Norman will dry up.

I am talking, of course, about who gets to use which bathroom.