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Democrats, It’s Time to Grow Up

There comes a time when isolated incidents are no longer isolated but are melded into a pattern of behavior; when patterns of behavior weave themselves into an organization’s culture. So it is with the Democratic Party, where thuggery, disrespect and lawlessness are now part of the culture.

That culture manifested itself yet again starting the night before the inauguration with a queer “dance party” in front of the Vice President’s residence. His private residence. Throughout Inauguration Day, over 200 “protesters” were arrested in DC.  As what has become the norm, they smashed storefront windows and vandalized parked cars. They held vulgar signs. They spat on people with whom they disagreed. ball_waterThey capped off the evening’s festivities by throwing water on attendees to an inaugural ball.

In another norm, the Democratic leadership failed to condemn the violence, lawlessness and vulgarity.

Perhaps that’s because of a quarter of them- 67 Democrats in all- boycotted the inauguration. Not since the Civil War have so many members of Congress decided to forego the peaceful transfer of power. The genesis of this historic hissy fit was Rep John Lewis (D-GA).

Lewis, as the mainstream media dutifully reports every time his name is mentioned, is a civil rights icon, having had his skull fractured in the 1963 march in Selma. But while his hero status maybe beyond reproach, his judgment certainly is not.

Lewis decided the swearing in of the 45th President of the United States was not worth attending because Trump’s election was “illegitimate.” The Russians, of course, hacked the election. Left unsaid is if they had they not, Hillary would be president.

Ponder that for a moment. Let’s say Lewis is right. Let’s say if the Russians had not fed Wikileaks thousands of DNC emails that somehow tens of thousands of voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania would have voted for Hillary instead of Trump. Let’s also put aside the utter impossibility of proving this claim and assume it’s true.

Further, let’s ignore the very salient fact that had Hillary obeyed the law and not used a personal server for classified business and had the DNC not colluded with the Clinton campaign the Wikileaks dump would have amounted to nothing.

Let’s also forget that the DNC knew they were hacked as early as August 2015 and said nothing about it; that it was really of no concern while every newspaper and pundit confidently predicted a Clinton victory; and that the illegitimacy claims from the Democrats only came after they lost the election.

Now what?

Do we hold another election? Do we start a campaign asking voters in those battleground states to change their mind? If Trump is not the legitimate president, then who is? What exactly, Congressman Lewis, should we do? If you are holding your breath waiting for Trump to resign, you will most certainly expire.

The answer, of course, is that there nothing we can do, and Lewis’ antics and those of his colleagues are purely divisive and nothing more.

A hero he may be, but heroes can be wrong. Lewis lent his prestige to a worthless cause. Same for 66 of his colleagues, who overwhelmingly hail from safe democratic districts.


(The two north Carolinians on this Wall of Shame are Alma Adams and GK Butterfield. Adams displayed a complete misunderstanding of the inaugural tradition by basing her boycott on her distaste for the man being sworn in. If every member of Congress were as ignorant, every inauguration would be a completely partisan event.)

But a disregard for tradition and decorum is nothing new for congressional Dems. Consider the legislative chambers. If you visit the capitol and walk into either the House or Senate gallery, within a few seconds an usher will ask you politely but firmly to take a seat… whether or not Congress is in session. You are asked to speak in a low voice and keep conversation to a minimum. Such is the decorum and reverence that is demanded of you, an ordinary citizen, when visiting the legislative chambers.

How much more so, then, should those elected to represent us also model that same decorum and reverence? Apparently not at all… if you’re a Democrat.

You may recall last summer several Democrats- led by John Lewis- staged a sit-in on the House floor to demand a gun control vote. Granted we have varying views on gun control, but the House Chamber is not the Dean of Student Affairs Office. The seat of government is not a sidewalk in Berkeley.

Not during the Civil War, nor the raucous debates on civil rights, nor on the agony of Viet Nam did their predecessors resort to such childish behavior. Someone needs to tell Lewis it’s not 1963 any more.

Can you honestly look at this picture and not feel ashamed? demssitinYet President Obama tweeted his support. A whopping 170 House Democrats participated. Such is the culture of Democrats.

But then again, this is the party of lawlessness. During the campaign protesters blocked roads leading to a Trump rally in Phoenix; heckled him in Raleigh, Aiken, Grand Rapids, St Louis, Chicago, Kansas City; clashed with police in Albuquerque, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Burlingame, and Richmond; abused trump supporters in Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, San Jose and Salt Lake City. And those are just the ones a quick search turned up.

Meanwhile exactly zero Clinton rallies were disrupted by hordes of protestors.  In fact, Clinton rallies were interrupted by… Clinton supporters. In Las Vegas Secret Service agents hustled her off the stage when rabid animal rights protestors rushed the platform.

After the election liberal protestors blocked downtown streets in over 25 cities across the country, mostly in deep blue states with deeper blue cities. In an act of incredible arrogance, the California legislature issued a statement that Trump did not represent “their values”, as if their voice spoke for all Californians, and theirs was only voice worth listening to. In fact, the hypocrisy of the California statement is unfathomable; they presume to unanimously lament differing views of a pluralistic society.  This is so stupid I am not clever enough to make it up.

Whose behavior is deplorable?

Read any post on this blog and you’ll see that I write about Dems and Repubs ridiculousness equally. But not today. Not when one party has a monopoly on bad behavior.

Indeed, if a Democrat is offended no law is worth obeying, no tradition worth upholding and no decorum worth observing. I suppose this should come as no surprise given they raise their kids to behave like this:

And this:


It’s now the culture of the Democratic Party.

It’s also time to grow up.



  1. Dusti Hamlet says:

    This is the right site for everyone who would like to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a topic which has been discussed for ages. Wonderful stuff, just great!


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