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Major League “Sucker”?

Last week a majority on the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to bring professional soccer to Charlotte.  While this may come as a surprise to you- the unwashed masses- when you’re billionaires like us you don’t leave things to chance. After all, we built a ten digit net worth by selling tickets to people who want to watch cars make left turns for three hours. (more…)


Democrats, It’s Time to Grow Up

There comes a time when isolated incidents are no longer isolated but are melded into a pattern of behavior; when patterns of behavior weave themselves into an organization’s culture. So it is with the Democratic Party, where thuggery, disrespect and lawlessness are now part of the culture. (more…)

2016: The Year of Behaving Badly

It’s hard to remember a year when so many behaved so badly. Starting in January, with Charlotte’s tolling takedown, to New Year’s Eve, with Mariah’s swaggering non-singing, 2016 was a year that is thankfully in the history books. A not-so-fond recap: (more…)