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Is it time for “Meckxit”?

Part 1: Making the Case

We interrupt the ridiculousness parade for a sober discussion about Lake Norman’s future.

Last week’s stunning Brexit vote has many here wondering: is it time for the Lake Norman towns to secede from Mecklenburg County?


The “new” Lake Norman Transportation Commission

Through my stealthy journalistic superpowers I have obtained a secret recording of a non-meeting between a couple of Commissioners and non-Mayors discussing an interlocal agreement for the “new” Lake Norman Transportation Commission. I non-faithfully reproduce it here: (more…)

So two Mayors walk into a Senator’s office…

Hiya Mr. Important Senator! Thanks for blowing an hour-long hole in your schedule to meet with a couple of ordinary citizens. As you know, one of us is a banker and the other an architect and that makes us transportation experts. Also, all of our information has been vetted for accuracy by a jeweler.

That’s why you should listen to us and ignore those two scowling Senators in the corner.


Taxation? Yes. Representation? Nah.

Ya gotta hand it to those evildoers in Raleigh. This time they want to eliminate our ability to tax you however the heck much we want and instead force us to ask for your permission. Don’t these people know anything about democracy? That’s just not how we do things around here. (more…)