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Gift to Former Huntersville Mayor Raises Questions

On May  9th WSOC broke the story that former Huntersville Mayor Jill Swain accepted a free family membership to the Northstone Country Club while she was mayor. Her actions- and response- raise questions about the ethics of elected officials accepting gifts. (more…)


Major League “Sucker”?

Last week a majority on the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to bring professional soccer to Charlotte.  While this may come as a surprise to you- the unwashed masses- when you’re billionaires like us you don’t leave things to chance. After all, we built a ten digit net worth by selling tickets to people who want to watch cars make left turns for three hours. (more…)

Democrats, It’s Time to Grow Up

There comes a time when isolated incidents are no longer isolated but are melded into a pattern of behavior; when patterns of behavior weave themselves into an organization’s culture. So it is with the Democratic Party, where thuggery, disrespect and lawlessness are now part of the culture. (more…)

2016: The Year of Behaving Badly

It’s hard to remember a year when so many behaved so badly. Starting in January, with Charlotte’s tolling takedown, to New Year’s Eve, with Mariah’s swaggering non-singing, 2016 was a year that is thankfully in the history books. A not-so-fond recap: (more…)

Playing Electoral Chess

Dear North Carolina Voter-

We don’t like to brag, but when a City Council is as brilliant as we are we feel compelled to take a bow every now and then. It’s not often a mere seven people can get an entire state worked up over a non-issue via a campaign led by a convicted sex offender, but we pulled it off. (more…)

I-77 “toll”: 33,000 votes

Compared to 2012, the I-77 toll corridor cost Governor McCrory approximately 33,000 votes. Here’s the breakdown:


Drilling down to the local level, the results are even more surprising.


Toll issue costs McCrory governor’s race

North Mecklenburg voters delivered 15,538 more votes for McCrory’s democratic opponent in 2016 v 2012. If Cooper’s razor-thin margin of ~4,000 withstands a recount, McCrory’s underperformance in North Meck- on a night when Republicans outperformed expectations nationwide- decided the governor’s race. (more…)